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Opportunity Two Excel Foundation is registered under the Ghana Charitable Company registration Code (NGO/Charity registration number: C0005131103), 1963 Act.  The nature of our business has been designed to enable the Association to achieve a consistent base line of quality across the organisation. The organisation is a ‘Charitable Company' under the leadership of the Trustees and all persons who agree to work would work within the organisation policies, amongst other things and are assumed to share a common value.

Opportunity Two Excel Foundation is here to give, supply, share, impact
and transform.


Prayer was said by Rev. Clofford Elolo Konnor
(Fotbi Presby- District Pastor, under Nsawam District)

The principles underpinning this project are:

Ø  the policies and values adopted by the organisation is set out in the  policy file/aim

Ø  the centrality of the involvement of the service users

Ø  that the functions of the trustee, manages service worker and service user are all equally important

Ø  the importance of planning and reviewing all aspects of the development of the organisation.

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