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Opportunity Two Excel Foundation stand for Equal child right, Equal Right for women, animals, Equal Employment, Equal Freedom of association, Equal right for Development.

Ghana Motor floods.

Opportunity Two Excel Foundation areas of focus include:
1. Climate Change and gender risk
2. Climate Change and healthcare
3. Educational infrastructure
4. Climate Change Economic Risk
5. Capacity building
6. Reduce or eliminate poverty
7. Reduce or eliminate discrimantion
8. Creating employment
9. Reduce all forms of child labour, child abuse and sexual abuse
10. To reduce child delivery complications in rural areas
11. Promote Human Rights
12. Climate Change and Mitigation
13. Natural Resources, Wildlife and Biodiversity


Opportunity Two Excel Foundation makes awareness creation and advocacy to ensure environmental sustainability and support to government institutions in the provision of emergency aid and relief to victims of disaster, among others as our priority.

To make sure every child has basic education. To find a better way of motivating the children to go to school and learn.

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